Designer Roles

Have no fear we do not offer genetically modified designer turf, but we do have a few design packets created specifically for different gardens both large and small that will transform them into veritable dreams.

Garden Design Packets:

·    Garden Design Packet 1:

What to plant in your Garden?

We’ll provide you with a plan showing individual plants, their separations from one another, where and how they can be planted and how to protect them against disease in a comprehensive book of instructions.

·    Garden Design Packet  2:

How to transform your Garden Dreams into a Dream Garden?

A picture of a garden! We will develop a plan for your garden complying with your every wish and expectations. It will embrace plants, paved areas, visual simulations of walls, ponds, pergolas and all special elements you need.

·    Garden Design Packet   3:

How will your Garden be of special note?

We’ll provide you with a fanciful idea of a very special garden system that could include for example a pond complex or a roof of green turf.