Casting Rolls of the Actors

Our Team

While we are glad to meet those individuals who have "green fingers", it makes no different to us if you are one of these or just someone who finds it difficult to tell the difference between plants and weeds.

You are in the very best of hands with the Büchner professionals since we have an all consuming passion for our turf to please you. 

Thomas Büchner

is responsible for:
· Advising customers and the development of customer contracts (in particular playing fields/arenas, projects abroad). 
· planning of gardens 
· work with associates

Hartmut Büchner

is responsible for:

· advising customers and developing customer contracts (in particular large area contracts). 

· the Aeration System "Aero-Terra"


Ljudmila Grab

is responsible for:

· the development of customer contracts. 

· compiling final Invoices.


Karin Lerchl

is responsible for:

· the development of Customer contracts. 

· final invoices.


Olga Büchner

is responsible for:

· the overall office work. 

· EDV- Service.


Florian Büchner

is responsible for:

· complying with small jobs and requests. 

Andre Alexander Büchner

is responsible for:

· Complaints Management.