Classy roles to roll away!

Choosing the right grass for the right application.

Playing Fields / Stadiums:
Playing Field Grass  DIN 1805/4,  "Kentucky Blue"

Sunny Gardens:
Playing Field Grass  DIN 18035/4, "Mediterraneo", "Classic", "Family"

Shady to half Shady Gardens:
"Schattenrasen", "Rustica"

Garden Lovers:

Kindergarten / Play areas:
Playing Field Grass DIN 18035/4,"Schattenrasen", "Rustica", "Classic", "Family"

Golf Courses:
Playing Field Grass DIN 18035/4, Golf "Fairway" Grass

Grass for Equestrian use:
Playing Field Grass  DIN 18035/4,  "Kentucky Blue", "Rustica"

Grass for Animas (Dogs, poultry etc):
"Family", "Rustica", "Natur" Grass

Slöpes, quick greening needs:
"Family", "Natur" Grass